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About the Program

"By mentoring students from traditionally underrepresented and historically disenfranchised populations, this semi-structured program diversifies and broadens the pipeline of our profession. Students and mentors apply as a pair. If accepted into the program, students are then known as Fellows and have opportunities for scholarships, on-campus mentorship, and professional development events." -- NASPA

Learning Outcomes

NUFP activities and components are structured around a set of critical learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are reflected in the curriculum, training, and Institutes for the program, and also provide the basis for program assessment. To achieve the NUFP mission, NUFP Fellows will develop:

  • Writing, Research, and Presentation Skills
  • Ethical Decision Making Skills
  • Cultural Competency Skills
  • Professional Networking Skills
  • Their Ability to Identify and Develop Personal, Academic, and Career Goals
  • An Awareness and Understanding of Engaged Citizenship and Service
  • An Understanding and Multiple Relationships to Power and Privilege
  • An Understanding of the History, Mission, and Purpose of Student Affairs and the Various
  • Institutional Types and Structures within Higher Education;
  • An Understanding of NASPA's Organization and Structure

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Upcoming Events

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Last Updated: 3/12/19