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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research is to: (1) Provide a coordinated approach for data collection and use to foster data-informed decision-making for programs and services within Student Affairs, (2) Serve as the data resource for Student Affairs, (3) Align assessment outcomes with strategic objectives at both the divisional and departmental level, and (4) Serve as a liaison with other institutional assessment and research entities to promote a culture of assessment at the University of Utah.

This is accomplished through the following strategic objectives:

  • Develop and coordinate assessment, evaluation and research projects that are aligned with the strategic objectives of each department and within the larger mission of the division and institution
  • Consult and coordinate with Student Affairs departments on all assessment, evaluation and research projects to identify strategies, resources and collaborative opportunities
  • Assist with implementation of assessment and research projects including:
    • Project design
    • Strategies and technical aspects of data collection
    • Interpretation of findings
    • Implementation of findings into practice
  • Manage and disseminate Student Affairs data
  • Develop opportunities for Student Affairs staff to increase their knowledge of assessment and foster collaboration
  • Represent Student Affairs with other research and assessment entities within the University of Utah

The values that guide our work are:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
Last Updated: 2/5/18