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Student Affairs utilized the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) process to guide the strategic plan. A balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and performance management system that will help SA clearly communicate and track its vision, mission, and strategy of supporting students during their time at the U.

Representatives from each SA department have met to build the division-wide BSC. Once the division-wide BSC is finalized, departments will create their own BSCs derived from the division-wide BSC.

Our Mission

We support student well-being and success.

Our Vision

For students to discover their passion, people, and purpose.


Our Values

  1. Belonging: We will always strive for students to bring their authentic self to campus, where they feel valued and connected.
  2. Care: We provide a holistic well-being approach so every student feels seen, valued, and heard.
  3. Integrity: We approach every situation with honesty and transparency to align our actions with our values.  
  4. Lifelong Learning: We provide formal and informal learning opportunities to develop and improve knowledge and skills needed to be successful.
  5. Self-discovery: We believe acquiring insight into one’s own character, interests, and skills should be fostered in all aspects of student services.  
  6. Student-centered: We consider the student perspective in all that we do. 


Strategic Themes


Student Support and Advocacy

We offer caring and innovative services that facilitate holistic student wellness.  


Operational Excellence

We engage in continuous improvement to optimize student success and maximize resources.


Student Engagement

We foster varied opportunities for students to develop leadership and flourish through social and community connections.


Inclusive Excellence

We strive to provide transformative practices and programs that enhance access, representation, sense of belonging that is culturally aware and remove barriers to success for students and staff.  


Strategic Plan Booklet




Last Updated: 5/19/23