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Service Excellence

2018 Student Affairs Staff Excellence Award Winners

  • Bryce Williams, Bennion Center
  • Elizabeth Duszak, Assessment
  • Gabriella Blanchard, LGBTRC

Nomination for the annual Vice President for Student Affairs Award for Service Excellence will available in the fall of each year (please check back at the beginning of November). Up to three awards of $500 will be conferred. The purpose of this award is to recognize those individuals who render exceptional service to students, faculty, staff, and others in the University community, thus contributing to Student Affairs' goal of excellence in service. We all know staff members who consistently go above and beyond what is expected of them. Now is the time to celebrate these people.


All full-time and permanent part-time staff members with three or more years of service within Student Affairs, except Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors are eligible for nomination. Nominees should meet one or more of the criteria listed below (past awardees have shown excellence in most or all of the categories). The Selection Committee can only consider information provided in the nominating letter, so be sure to be thorough in your description of nominees' qualifications.

  • Full or permanent part-time staff status with at least three-years of service within Student Affairs at the University of Utah.
  • Service Excellence: Nominees should demonstrate creativity and self-motivation in solving problems and providing service to students, faculty, staff, and University visitors.
  • Excellence within job category: Candidates should demonstrate superior competence in fulfilling their job.
  • Excellence beyond job category: Nominees should go above and beyond their own position and expectations of their basic job description.
  • Commitment to teamwork: Nominees should be resourceful people who are committed to getting work done with care, concern and respect for others.
  • Inter-agency cooperation: Candidates should be people who build networks and communicate well with campus agencies outside their own.

Awards & Luncheon

The awards will be given at the holiday luncheon scheduled in December for all Student Affairs employees. This is to honor those who have been models of excellence for all of us.

Last Updated: 5/16/19