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Vice President for Student Affairs
Award for Service Excellence

- 2017 -

Cindy Harling                            Associate Director for Clinical Services Counseling Center                                                            
Jodi Petersen Support Advocate Center for Student Wellness
Andrea Roner Associate Registrar Office of the Registrar
- 2016 -
Clint DeMill Associate Director University Guest House & Conference Center
Elizabeth Johnson Assistant Registrar Office of the Registrar
Linh Ly Senior Financial Aid Counselor University Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
- 2015 -
Kaye Clark*2016 Executive Assistant Enrollment Management
Amber Cook Assistant Director University Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Kelly Dries Associate Director Career Services
Frank Sitton*2016 Associate Director Housing & Residential Education
- 2014 -
 Sylvia O'Hara  Executive Secretary  Veterans Support Center
 Duane Padilla  Associate Director of Budget & Finance  Housing & Residential Education
 Caroline Peck  Career Counselor  Career Services
- 2013 -
Leslie Bolton Student Coordinator Career Services
Ryan Randall Behavioral Intervention Specialist Office of the Dean of Students
Patricia Ruiz Custodial Supervisor Housing & Residential Education
- 2012 -
Kim Clarken Administrative Assistant Union Administration
Brenda Flynn Executive Secretary Counseling Center / Learning Enhancement Programs
Julian Gomez Intramurals & Marketing Manager Campus Recreation
- 2011 -
Sandy Bennett Administrative Assistant Child Care Coordinating Office
Karen Henriquez Associate Director Financial Aid & Scholarships
Lindy Nielsen Assistant Director Housing & Residential Education
- 2010 -
Leslie Giles-Smith*2011 Coordinator Counseling Center
Marci Healy Assistant Director Conference & Guest Services
Marilyn Owen Assistant Director International Center
- 2009 -
Atilla Arici*2010 Assistant Maintenance Manager Union Administration
Deberah Hair Administrative Assistant Bennion Center
Michelle Jones Assistant Director Orientation/ Leadership Development
- 2008 -
Brian Burton Program Coordinator A.S.U.U.
Kim Hall Program Coordinator Women’s Resource Center
Kerry Hill Student Insurance Student Health Center
- 2007-
Veronica Christensen Computer Professional Financial Aid & Scholarships
Karol Conrad Reservation Specialist Union Administration
Barb Remsburg Associate Director Housing & Residential Education
- 2006-
Glade Ellingson Staff Psychologist University Counseling Center
Susan Larson Assistant Director Career Services
George Lindsay*2007 Accountant A.S.U.U.
Glenda VanWagenen Administrative Assistant Enrollment Management
- 2005-
Dave Hosick Custodial Specialist Union Administration
Suzanne Jones Assist Registrar/Athletic Eligibility Registrar’s Office
Aris Papadopoulos*2006 Math Instructor Educational Opportunity Programs
- 2004 -
Linda Miller Administrative Assistant Admissions
Curt Larsen Program Manager Bennion Center
Lori McDonald Assistant Dean of Students Dean of Students= Office
- 2003 -
Houshang Beik Facilities Manager University Union
Dana Sowby Associate Director Career Services
Brian Wilkinson Co-Coordinator, Outdoor Recreation Campus Recreation
- 2002 -
Sid Davis Assistant Director Center for Disability Services
JoAnn Kanegae Administrative Assistant Counseling Center
Kari Pittman Administrative Assistant Orientation / Leadership Development
- 2001 -
Evelina Day Administrative Assistant Campus Recreation
Kris Hale Child Care Coordinator Child Care
Su-Ann Johansen Associate Director Admissions
- 2000 -
Wendy Clark Supervisor, Financial Records Financial Aid
Deena Gehling Reservation Specialist University Union
JoAnn Hulbert-Eagan Counselor Center for Disability Services
- 1999 -
Wendy Burton Admissions Supervisor Admissions
Terri Crow Office Manager Residential Living
Carol Uresti Supervisors Registrars
- 1998 -
Luana Hughes Administrative Assistant Student Development
Ryck Luthi Assistant Director University Union
Brenda Young*2005 Executive Secretary Counseling Center
- 1997 -
Patricia Tsuyuki Administrative Secretary Counseling Center
Mui Vuong Academic and Career Advisor Educational Opportunities
Angela Wimmer Scholarship Manager Financial Aid
- 1996 -
Aglaia Fox*2003 Administrative Assistant Dean of Students' Office
Edith Kochenour Supervisor, Tutoring Center Counseling Center
Linda Worischeck Administrative Assistant Registrar's Office
- 1995 -
Steve Baumann Program Manager Educational Opportunities
Cindy Esta Scheduling Specialist II Scheduling
Elaine Woodward Supervisor, Financial Records Financial Aid
- 1994 -
Cherry Ridges Program Coordinator Student Involvement Center
Rayna Scott Recruiting Coordinator Career Services
Nancy Trevino Associate Director Admissions
- 1993 -
Randy Flemings Facilities Operations Manager University Union
Richard Smith Assistant Director Residential Living
Susan Yost Assistant Director Academic Advising
- 1992 -
Lester Emmett Coordinator Educational Opportunities
John Keysor Manager, Recreation Services University Union
Linda Phelps*1998 Administrative Assistant International Center
- 1991 -
Carolyn Dyson Associate Director Admissions Office
Gregory Minckley Program Manager Educational Opportunities
Marcie Neil Assistant Director Campus Recreation
- 1990 -
John Ashman Administrative Assistant Academic Advising
Terri Busch Program Coordinator Bennion Center
Monica Gomez-Rogerson Admissions Counselor St Recruitment/High School Services
- 1989 -
Ann Campbell Scheduling Specialist Scheduling Office
Russ Mandeles Supervisor, Custodial University Union
LaRaine Monsen Clerk III Residential Living

* University of Utah Staff Excellence Awards (formally called the Presidential Staff Awards) Recipient

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