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Beacons of Excellence Award 2016

Beacons of Excellence Award

The goal of the Beacons of Excellence Award is to recognize some of the practices on our campus that make the educational experience a transformative one for students. The University of Utah fosters a transformational experience for all students. We value and recognize a respect for knowledge that empowers students to become actively engaged members of various communities. We accomplish this through recognizing people, programs and projects committed to excellence.

This award highlights the achievements of a select group of the many people, programs, and projects that contribute to our excellence at the U.

For questions regarding the Beacons of Excellence Award, please contact Kim Clarken at (801) 581-7066.

Taunya Dressler

Kerry Jacques Magiske

David H. Temme

The Human Factors Certificate

John R. Park Debate Society

Mestizo Arts & Activism Collective

Last Updated: 2/9/17