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Student Affairs Key Activities

In 2014-2015, Student Affairs began a process of developing key activities to reflect the values of the existing Student Affairs Strategic Plan while also allowing for more modular connections between departments and programs within the division and institution.  Each department developed key activities, goals and outcomes which are now utilized to guide assessment and budget planning. 

All annual reports and assessment plans reflect this new structure.  A map of these key activities and outcomes is in development and will be completed in 2016, to present a division-level view of priorities and strategies.


Key Activities model



Current Student Affairs Strategic Objectives from Strategic Plan

  Proposed Alignment of Key Activities

1. Student Engagement: Develop students as a whole through the cultivation and enrichment of the body, mind and spirit.

  • Student Success & Support
  • Engagement & Leadership
  • Campus Community & Safety
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • Services & Facilities

2. Professionalism: Provide education that ensures all staff are properly trained to provide professional and competent service.

  • Staff Excellence

3. Commitment to Diversity: Promote diversity on campus through effective programming and active recruitment of staff and students.

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Recruitment & Access
  • Staff Excellence
  • Campus Community & Safety
  • Community & Partnerships

4. Exemplary Staff: Recruit and retain highly qualified staff.

  • Staff Excellence
  • Diversity & Inclusion

5. Collaboration: Partner with faculty, staff and external constituencies to foster student development and enhance the greater community.

  • Community & Partnerships
  • Academic Support
  • Development, Stewardship & Management

6. Assessment, Evaluation and Research: Utilize a coordinated assessment, evaluation and research approach to promote data driven-decision-making.

 (Process that supports all key activities)

7. Leading Edge Technology: Provide, maintain and utilize technology to enhance student services, assessment, and communications.

  • Seamless Navigation
  • Academic Support
  • Student Success & Support
  • (Supports all key activities)

8. Best Practices: Promote the effective use of best practices in Student Affairs departments, programs and services.

(Philosophy that supports all key activities)



Last Updated: 12/7/16